How to Add Hyperlink in Gmail? 


Today technology has taken each of our tasks to be on a different level of ease and convenience. With the internet connecting all of us together from different corners of the world, the size of the world has come down drastically. Earlier, there used to be the need to write letters to each other in order to remain in touch. However, with the advent of email, conversations were made so much easier irrespective of the physical locations. 

Today of course with social media, all our personal conversations are almost always on such apps. However, most of the professional conversations do still happen via Gmail. If you are new to Gmail and are unaware of some of the features like how to add hyperlink in Gmail, then you must read on to know more about it. 

Hyperlink Options

Most of the word processors allow us to insert a hyperlink into the text, which will allow the reader to use the hyperlink and go to a different page to understand extra context. It is very handy when the writer does not want to increase the length of the text but still wants to leave a possibility to the reader to be able to read some extra related points if necessary. 

Imagine that you are writing a report on the souring pollution levels in India. To validate your claims, you might want to add in a UN report to your piece of writing. However, the report is too huge to add completely in the text, which will ultimately distract your reader from the main topic. Hence, you add in a hyperlink in your text that will take the reader to the UN report if he or she wishes to read further. Something similar can also be done in Gmail. If you want to know how to add hyperlink in Gmail, then read on.

Steps to Add Hyperlink in Gmail   

Here are the steps you will need to follow to add a hyperlink in Gmail:

  1. First and foremost, you will need to log on to your Gmail account with the right username and password.
  2. At the top left corner of the screen, click on ‘compose email’ option, which will open a text window for you to type in your email
  3. Type in the text you want your readers to click on in order to follow the desired hyperlink. Select the text to be hyperlinked.
  4. Find the ‘link’ button at the lower right corner of your screen and click on it. A pop-up window will appear asking you to add the html link (for ex: corresponding to the text selected.
  5. Add in the hyperlink and click ok. Your text will now have the desired hyperlink on it. Clicking on the text will take the readers to the website address in your hyperlink

Now that you know how to add hyperlink in Gmail is very easy and less time consuming, log in to your Gmail and try these steps out practically! 


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